The autumn version of FriendlyVox released on 15 October, 2015 introduces many new features. Fully voice-enabled newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes, a major upgrade of e-mail functionalities including e.g. full-text mailbox search or streaming playback of multimedia attachments, import and export of contacts in the vCard format, improved timetable or Pexeso functionalities, new text game AnchorHead in English, creation of a user profile with the option to store personalized system settings, stabilization of voice synthesis.

Summer is time for fun. Due to that we extended our website with Memory game specially designed for sightless. You can choose game for one player or challenge computer as your opponent or you can play online with your friend.

From further new features we hope you find helpful the support for creation of the short text documents in the form of notes.

The new version of the portal for the SightCity trade fair in Czech, Slovak, English and German. A large number of new features – contact management, hundreds of Czech and foreign radio stations, both Czech and foreign news, Wikipedia in 9 languages, a new entertainment section, and many other improvements and innovations.

A new version of the portal for the INSPO conference. Changes in the portal’s controls (menus, volume, balloon hints, etc.). New functions – timetables, searching on news sites. And, as a bonus, access to the Světluška portal.

Among the many new features offered by this version, apart from the addition of Slovak, we should particularly mention the voice-enabled access to YouTube, including the Autocomplete function, basic voice-enabled support of Google Translator or the option of setting up a personal profile using a Google account.