The voice-enabled FriendlyVox portal provides a solution giving access to information and communication services without the need to use sight.

FriendlyVox has been created with the specific needs of visually impaired people in mind. The portal can be fully controlled using the keyboard and all the necessary information is communicated through a voice output. An integral part of FriendlyVox is the help, thanks to which the portal is easy to use even for the less experienced user.

What will FriendlyVox offer?

  • Access to news sites and newspapers
  • Information of everyday need (Wikipedia, weather, timetables...)
  • Communication via E-mail, Skype
  • Listening to radio and watching television
  • Personal office (documents, contacts, calendar, translations)
  • Access to social networks (Youtube, Facebook...)

FriendlyVox can be run on a standard PC with the Google Chrome web browser, into which the user downloads and installs the appropriate add-on.

Blind people can use the portal even on computers with no screen reader installed. A simple modification of computer settings will ensure that the voice reading environment provided by FriendlyVox can by activated by a single keystroke.

Customer service is available to users and those interested in FriendlyVox, which can be contacted by phone or e-mail, or directly from the portal through a dedicated service.

Getting started